Bumy Goldson – River, Mountain lyrics

[Low 1]
Well, we’ve come so far
Down the river, after stars
The luring mountain now so tall
How we wonder if it was worth it all

[Mid 1]
Years flow down hills and valleys
Around trees and under logs
Our boat has changed many times
While searching among the stars

[High 1]
Our crew has changed many times
With those who seek with us
While some have gone and some are still to come
We know, at least we trust

[Low 2]
Now we face the door
Now across we trace the floor
How we behold this precious gem
Like we once did and hoped we’d feel again

[Mid 2]
Tears flow down cheeks and landing
On the pages we find here
To think how far we have come
And what stayed from all the years

[High 2]
On the mountain top we stand
The wind recalls it all
We sketch our path back to the start
When we hoped we would stand this tall

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